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What is your cutting tool collection contain?

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1What is your cutting tool collection contain? Empty What is your cutting tool collection contain? on Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:19 pm

Let's start this first thread off with a bang. Post pictures, links or just chat about what your favourite cutting tools are. Mine are as follows;

Bush Knife

-Tops/B.O.B Fieldcraft
-Skookum Bush Tool


-Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe
-Cold Steel Rifleman's Hawk


-Trailblazer Take-down Bucksaw
-Laplander by Bahco
-Homemade Bucksaw

Big blade

-Chris Caine Survival Tool
-Condor Parang Machete
-TOPS Power Eagle-12


-Joel DeLorme Crooked Knife

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2What is your cutting tool collection contain? Empty Wowizers! on Fri Jan 20, 2012 7:55 am


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Me thinks I have to get busy with a few purchases! Currently I have Gransfors Buk Forest axe and a few small knock off cheap knifes that I put in my pack! Need some serious upgrading! Surprised)

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Green Horn
Sugar Creek Knifeworks Woodie
Mora Carbon Clipper

Becker Campanion
A TOPS Tracker may be in the picture soon

Gerber folding saw
I'm close to getting Bob Dustrude bucksaw

Ontario military machete
Coldsteel Trail hawk
KaBar kuhkuri

Coldsteel Special Forces Shovel

I have more than that but the italicized are the most used tools of mine when out.

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I'll go next.

I've got too many to list all of them, but my current favorites are as follows.

Bushcraft Knives:
Turley Boone's Branch
Fallkniven F1 VG-10
TOPS Mohawk Hunter

Big knives:
Cold Steel Recon Scout San Mai VG1 lam.
Becker BK-9
Various Samekniver (Leukus)

Hultafors Forest axe
Øyo hatchet

folding saw
Glock etool
Victorinox German Army one hand trekker

Been looking around for something between the big blades and the smaller ones, something of a stand-alone/do everything knife. Any suggestions?

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Green Horn
I have many knives but below are some of my newest/favorites:

First up is a Cold Steel Master Hunter. I have had this knife for close to 20 years. I hate the sheath and always have but am about to make/purchase some Kydex for it. This is the knife that is always in my pack wether on a hike or hunting, fishing, etc. Not fancy, custom, but I like it:

[img]What is your cutting tool collection contain? DSC_0802[/img]

Now for the new stuff. I just got both of these in the past few weeks and have not used either for anything yet.

I have been looking at ESEE knives for well over a year and finally got one. I bought an ESEE 5. This is an awesome knife and I believe will serve me very well. It comes with a Kydex sheath and I bought one of the old style nylon sheaths to go with it. I can't help I have a tactical nylon fetish. One of the things I like a lot about the sheath is the pouch to put items in.

[img]What is your cutting tool collection contain? DSC_0803[/img]

I also purchased a TOPs XCEST Alpha. What caught my attention with this knife was the kit that came with it. I also really liked the blade. I think it will be very good for cutting/skinning deer and other game. I beleive this knife will replace the Cold Steel above as my go to knife.

[img]What is your cutting tool collection contain? DSC_0804[/img]

[img]What is your cutting tool collection contain? DSC_0805-1[/img]

[img]What is your cutting tool collection contain? DSC_0802-1[/img]

I also carry a mulitool, usually Leatherman Wave, when in the woods. No cool axes or hatchets yet.

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I bought a classic Carbon-V Master Hunter last January and tested her out for a few months.

They are beauts. I gifted her to a friend of mine, and as far as I can tell, he's mighty pleased.

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Green Horn
SAK Trekker
Gerber Flik

Fixed Blades
< 4" Blade

Izula II
Becker Necker

4"-6" Blade
BHK Pathfinder (1095 version)
Mora SL1
Mora 610 (modified)

> 6" Blade
Ranger RD9 (original)

14" Camp Hatchet
26" Axe I restored. Kind of crappy, the head is out of alignment but was a learning project.

Bahco Folding Saw
24" Take down Buck Saw that I built out of ABS as an experiment. It's holding up well, but not without it's complaints.

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8What is your cutting tool collection contain? Empty just a few on Tue May 28, 2013 5:12 pm


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some of the favorites from my collection:
big knives
kershaw outcast
cold steel trailmaster
swamp rat regulator
hand forged bolo's

mid size
zt 0100
ontario blackhawk
grohmann survival with guthook
blind horse woodsman pro

leatherman charge
victorinox swisstool

estwing camp axe

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9What is your cutting tool collection contain? Empty Some of mine on Tue Aug 06, 2013 8:40 pm


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In the format close to that TheAxeman began here is a breakdown of some of my favourites (Fixed Blades only - folders would require a new list):

Large Choppers

Ka-Bar Kukri
Fox FKMD Bushcraft Parang
and occasionally the Ontario SP-8

Mid sized blades I commonly carry


Martin Knives T3 SERE
TOPS Fieldcraft
Bark River Bravo-1 with Bird's eye Maple scales

Winter -

Fallkniven S1
Helle Temagami (stainless)

Neck Knives

Either my Helle Alden or a
Jonathan Mitchell Onyx

New area - Beatter knives

A Martinii hunter
Condor Kukri
Swiss Army "Soldier model"


Wetterlings Large Hunter
A hundred year old Satar Banko I just refinished

All-round current favorite

a Karesuedo "Bear" Leukku with Reindeer antler and arctic birch handle

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