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Couple things I'm working on today..

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1Couple things I'm working on today.. Empty Couple things I'm working on today.. on Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:22 am


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This morning before bed (I work third shift..) I was watching this youtube video where some guy made a knife for cutting vegetables out of slate. He showed it can cut wood as well, but pointed out that it would get dull real quick. I happen to have a big piece of slate so, think today I'll try making one since the weather isn't all that great and all.

Also see some guy post on the pathfinder forum a fire piston he made out of wood. I've wanted one of those for months now since I first found out about them, but they're just a tad too expensive for me to buy and every tutorial on making them wanted metal tubing and whatnot. I'm more into the primitive thing, so I don't really want to make a metal one. Started yesterday carving one out, hoping I can finish it by the end of the week. Slowly working on it and very carefully so I don't screw it up, want my first one to work the first time I try it!

I'll post a couple pics of my progress on both later today.

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2Couple things I'm working on today.. Empty Re: Couple things I'm working on today.. on Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:16 pm


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Right... Slate knife is a no go, not really sure how to start that or how to get the slate to break off in the right shape chunk I need it to. Other than that, the fire piston is starting to take shape and coming out decent looking.

Couple things I'm working on today.. 424139_10150596996351607_703926606_9454989_1174357994_n

Just pray to god this thing works! Never made one before so, really interested in seeing how well or not I've done on it..

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