This Forum is made for those who are interested in the project titled "The Brothers of Bushcraft". The Project is an ongoing program from men whose backgrounds cover much of North America, and beyond.

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Hello from MA

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1 Hello from MA on Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:22 pm


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Hey everyone,

I've been interested in survival/primitive skills for a few years and have researched, read and watched just about everything I can find on the topic. This past two years I've gotten into hiking more often and taking notice of my local surroundings, seeing what's around me and what resources I can utilizes. This past year I've been tooling around building debris shelters, just made my first stone axe which works pretty damn good btw! This weekend I'm going to attempt my first bow, arrows and a quiver.

I've picked out a good spot in my local woods that's out of the way, doesn't get too much traffic. A decent small clearing to set up shop and really get down to practicing everything I've been learning. Plenty of wild edibles around me which I plan on trying out. Hoping to learn at least ten wild edibles for every season/month. Starting an heirloom garden this year for the first time and would love to add to my harvest thing's that I've foraged from the wild.

I just ordered the Pathfinder Element Certification Fire course, was the cheapest and most basic to start with. Baby steps first right? I'm hoping to eventually complete all the pathfinder courses and become an instructor. I love the job I have now, but I would love even more to pass on knowledge and skills that actually mean something.

Right, sorry for the long drawn out post, hope to learn something from everyone and hope I can make some good contributions!

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