This Forum is made for those who are interested in the project titled "The Brothers of Bushcraft". The Project is an ongoing program from men whose backgrounds cover much of North America, and beyond.

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1 Forum Rules on Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:33 pm


Welcome to The Brothers of Bushcraft Forum. Before you start posting any subjects, we do request that you read the following rules

1) Respect all other members. Not all of us come from the same backgrounds, faiths or lifestyles. Due to that, please refrain from making any comments about any race, religion or creed.

2) Language. Many of us cuss. With that being said though, certain words are not permissible here. Racial slurs, derogatory comments and vulgar comments will be removed, and if continued, Admins will decide whether the perpetrator should be banned or not. We have a zero-tolerance policy in regards to disrespect in this forum.

3) Jokes. Kidding and teasing is great. We want this forum to be an atmosphere many of us experience when out in the woods with our friends. And that atmosphere is one where jokes are made. However, please keep it under control, and try not to derail a thread with too much silliness.

4) Off-topic discussions should be kept to a minimum. If you have nothing to say that will benefit the discussion, please don't start up your own conversation within that thread.

5) Absolutely no free marketing on this forum. If you want to promote a product, or your store. Please contact one of our Admins, and we will be happy to discuss any way that we can help you to promote your work. But please do not use this forum as your free Billboard.

Other then those rules folks, just please use common sense, and if anyone else is harassing you, let us know so we can deal with it.

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